Input to consultations or research

avma-consultation-webpageCurrent consultations

Here we list current consultations being conducted by statutory bodies which are relevant to AvMA’s mission of improving patient safety & justice. Please consider responding yourself. Where possible we will provide some guidance about what we will be saying. You may wish to make similar points, or let us know if you think we have got something wrong or missed anything.

This study will examine whether the Department of Health and the NHS LA understand what is causing an increase in clinical negligence costs, evaluate their efforts to manage and reduce the costs associated with clinical negligence claims, and also assess the NHS LA’s contribution to helping trusts to reduce the number of negligence claims they receive by sharing learning about past incidents and by encouraging wider forms of redress for affected patients.

Scheduled: Summer 2017

Professional Standards Authority
Consultation on a review of the Standards of Good Regulation

This consultation paper outlines how the PSA could approach reviewing the Standards of Good Regulation and invites responses on how this review should go ahead: whether it should revise the standards or rewrite them on a principles-based approach.

Deadline: 12 September 2017

Nursing and Midwifery Council
Consultation on standards of proficiency for registered nurses

The NMC is seeking your views about the proposed standards of proficiency for registered nurses and the education framework: standards for education and training. The draft standards of proficiency reflect what the NMC thinks the public will need in the future from the nurses who care for them. They are the minimum standards that a nurse will need to meet to be considered to be capable of safe and effective practice.

Deadline: 12 September 2017

Professional Standards Authority
Share your experience

Listening to your experiences of a regulator or an accredited register helps the PSA to understand how well they are protecting the public. It helps it to decide whether the regulators meet its Standards of Good Regulation or if accredited registers meet its Standards for Accredited Registers.

Research opportunities

We are from time to time informed of opportunities for patients/families to take part in research connected with patient safety or justice. We will list current opportunities below when we know of any.