Suzanne Shale, Chair

Suzanne Shale, Chair

Suzanne is Chair of AvMA and works as an independent consultant in the fields of healthcare ethics, patient safety, and conflict resolution.

Formerly an Oxford University academic, much of her activity is focused on improving support for patients and professionals when things have gone wrong. She has given lectures and masterclasses on trust, disclosure, patient safety and scientific integrity throughout the UK, Australia, Europe and Japan.

She wrote about the way NHS clinical leaders attempt to live their values in her book Moral Leadership in Medicine: Building Ethical Healthcare Organizations (2012)

Suzanne is ethics advisor to NHS England’s patient safety steering group and a member of the Learning to be Safer expert group at Health Education England. During 2013 Suzanne chaired NHS England’s Surgical Never Events taskforce.

Suzanne sees medical harm as a particularly poignant problem, because it generally occurs in the course of attempting to do good. She believes there is inadequate support for patients, their supporters and professionals alike in the aftermath of harm, which is why she offered to support AvMA as a trustee.

Suzanne is married to the actor Kerry Shale.

You can read more about Suzanne’s work on her website