One-off Expert Referral Service for Non-Members

AvMA has an acclaimed Expert Referral Service.  Firms who subscribe annually to AvMA’s Lawyers’ Service can make unlimited requests for experts. If you would like more details of the service, please see our Benefits of Joining.

For non-members, the one-off service that AvMA provides includes forwarding the names and contact details of up to 2 experts (where available) for one speciality .* The cost is: £100 plus VAT £20 (total £120). If you require experts from other specialities, there is an additional cost of £60 plus vat per speciality and where possible we will supply contact details of up to 2 experts per speciality.

We do endeavour to ensure quality control in our experts.  Experts entered onto the AvMA database must first submit an application, CV and an anonymised report which must be approved; we take this approach in order to ensure, so far as is possible that the experts are experienced in medico-legal work and are familiar with the court process.  We send out an annual mailing to our experts asking them to update their contacts details, confirm that they are still conducting medico-legal work and update the essential terms of their business as we appreciate that it is important to keep the database up to date as possible.  We encourage experts to turn around correspondence quickly but unfortunately we are unable to provide any guarantees in relation to experts and have no control over which experts are willing to take on cases at any given time or whether they respond to solicitors.

If you would like to use our one off referral service, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please complete the attached Expert Request Form and confirm the number of experts/specialities you require. (Please do NOT send us medical records)
  2. Please  confirm your client name and your file reference. We need this information to open a file and to be able to trace our correspondence with you.
  3. Please email the completed form to the lawyers’ service department
  4. An invoice will be issued and your request will be dealt with upon receipt of payment.

Please Note:

  • Our service provides you with the contact details of experts upon payment of our fee.  We do not guarantee that the experts we refer will accept your instructions.
  • *For firms in the Republic of Ireland and overseas, no VAT is payable.