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It’s National Pro Bono Week and we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of our Lawyers Service members who volunteer for us, whether that is on the Helpline, the Inquest Service, or our written Advice and Information!

“There is no guidebook on how to feel after suffering a potentially avoidable injury. It can be a lonely and frightening time but AvMA do a fantastic job at empowering patients with the right help and advice, and I am very proud to be a part of their team.”

AvMA HELPLINE VOLUNTEER Morgan Lister, Enable Law

“Courts and coroners are strange and unknown to most people. When an unexplained death happens, many families can’t afford representation and would have to appear alone – whilst grieving. That is why AvMA’s work is so important. Helping a bereaved family to understand the process, get answers to questions about their loved one’s medical care, and (hopefully) get closure is hugely rewarding.”

AvMA VOLUNTEER Imogen Egan, Outer Temple Chambers

“I see the effect of clinical negligence every day and sometimes you can’t help as much as you would like within the confines of the legal system. I volunteer to help those who need either extra advice, or help where the law cannot as yet. AvMA is invaluable at this and also in changing minds and legal process to benefit those that need it. The least I can do is help out.”

AvMA HELPLINE VOLUNTEER Laura Sparrow, Spectres

“AvMA’s inquest service is invaluable: it provides much-needed support to families when faced with the legally complex – and emotionally draining – demands of a Coroner’s inquest. Without AvMA’s help many families would have to conduct inquests themselves, while the healthcare providers in the same courtroom have lawyers paid for out of public funds, which doesn’t seem fair or reasonable.”

AvMA VOLUNTEER Tom Gibson, Outer Temple Chambers

“The team at AvMA are very helpful and friendly and you feel a real sense of achievement knowing that you have helped someone who is going through an already very difficult time. I look forward to my monthly session and it is an absolute privilege to volunteer for such a worthy cause.”

“The inquest process can be very powerful but, without help, it can be very hard for families to get value from it and find answers to the questions they have. Also, it can mean that broader issues of patient safety don’t always get aired. I support AvMA to help families get closure, and to help explore how we can prevent tragedies happening again.”

AvMA VOLUNTEER Rajkiran Barhey, 1 Crown Office Row

“We are very supportive for any member of our team to volunteer on the helpline, we have found it to be an invaluable grounding for the work we do. It enables team members to develop client care skills in a supportive environment while being exposed to a range of issues experienced by those who use the helpline for support – all of which is good training for the future.”

Kay Taylor CL Medilaw

“AvMA provides a hugely valued resource for families: The inquest process can be bewildering and complex, and funding for lawyers hard to come by for individuals – so we work for free to represent clients at the most stressful time in most people’s lives, following the loss of a family member. Our satisfaction lies in making sure they get the answers they need and the support to which they are entitled.”

AvMA VOLUNTEER Patricia Hitchcock QC, Cloisters

“People seem to need to reach out to AvMA more than ever, being effectively trapped at home, bewildered by the complaints system, and unsure who to reach out to. Demystifying the overwhelming and intimidating options when callers are also sharing very personal and traumatic stories is a significant responsibility, but I find it rewarding applying my knowledge to support callers at their time of need.”

AvMA HELPLINE VOLUNTEER Jodi Newton, Osbornes Law

If you are a

  • Qualified Solicitor
  • Trainee Solicitor
  • Paralegal
  • Experienced Member of CILEx
  • And/or have a medical background

And would like to volunteer for our helpline please click the link below.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to get involved with AvMA and your support is vital to our work. Every minute of your time you give to us helps improve life for people affected by avoidable harm in healthcare.There are many ways you can get involved with AvMA.