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Before contacting us, please try our self-help guides, which contain clear and straightforward guidance.

If you still need to contact us after reading the self-help guides, please read the following guidance carefully.

For your case to be considered by us in more detail

If you need more in-depth support, our written advice service may be able to help. A dedicated advisor can work through your case with you, offering expert advice and support. Our small team cannot take on every case, but we will always offer you relevant guidance and advice.

Core criteria for written advice cases

Cases where we are unable to assist or advise

Terms and conditions of use of this service

If having read the above guides you would like to request assistance from AvMA, please complete a new client form.

Please note:

Size of documents: We are unable to accept large documents by email or as attachments to the form. If the number of documents or size of documents you wish to share exceed the maximum capabilities of the form, please email after submitting your form to let us know, and you will be sent a private, secure link to send these in electronically. Please note we are unable to review medical records whether in full or partial.

Format of documents: We can only accept attachments which are in the form of PDF or Word files. We do not accept, and will not open files which are photographs of documents or which have links to other documents.

Your papers will be acknowledged within three days and a caseworker will respond to your enquiry within 28 working days of receipt of relevant papers.

Our office is closed at present due to Covid-19 restrictions –We would ask therefore that where possible New Client Forms are completed online to avoid delay and that for the time being if you need to send postal items that they are sent by ordinary delivery or Tracked only.

Please do not post items which need signing for as there may not be anyone at the office to receive and sign for them.

Please do not send originals as AvMA cannot accept responsibility for these.

If you have received help or advice from AvMA please consider leaving us feedback. We value your input.