The AvMA helpline

AvMA Helpline number: 0345 123 2352

Monday to Friday 10am to 3.30pm. Please click here for more information on call charges

Before calling the AvMA helpline number, please check out our range of online self-help guides which may contain the information you are looking for.

AvMA helpline advisers are specially trained volunteers who are medical and legal professionals. They will listen to your story sympathetically and offer practical advice about what options are open to you following a medical injury. They can explain some of the jargon and systems, help you decide what to do next and put you in touch with other sources of support if needed.

The AvMA helpline can get very busy and you may need to request a call back if you are having problems getting through to an adviser. You may want to explore whether the information you are looking for is available on the website.

If you are genuinely unable to use the helpline (for example if you have a disability that prevents you using the telephone) please see our information on additional help accessing our services.

If you have received help or advice from AvMA please consider leaving us feedback. We value your input.