What people say about AvMA

“Your support enormously empowered the family and had such an impact on so many of the people who cared for James. We really cannot thank you enough.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed letter. After months and lots of researching on my own I am so glad to have found AvMA. I was at a point I didn’t know where to turn so thank you for all the great and detailed advice you gave me.”

“Thank you again… I’ve actually received some very useful help and guidance when no other organisation has been able to help. I was starting to think there were no good guys left in the world! ”

“All the help and support you have given me has been absolutely invaluable, right from when I first rang you and could hardly even speak about what had happened I was so distressed. Your support and advice has made a very real difference to the recovery process”

“Amy was patient, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable – a winning combination. I particularly appreciated how she listened to me, asked the right questions and was able to give me sound advice and next steps. I have felt blocked in pursuing my matter and Amy really helped me to take the next steps.She exceeded expectations of who I would hope to speak to when contacting your organisation. I am doubly impressed Amy is a volunteer. She had the sharpness of a good lawyer and the kindness of a friend!”

“I would just like to say how thankful I am for your help and advice. It has been invaluable at a very difficult time and it has made the inquest process much clearer to me than I was before. Thank you so much for this.”

“It gave me much more insight to information than anyone else has ever done and for that I thank you very much”

“If it were not for AvMA’s goodwill, I might never have found out what happened to my dad”

@AvMAuk thank you… Your team of advisers and agents are so supportive #feelheard”

“It was good to receive clear and compassionate communication – something we feel has been sorely missing in our ordeal”

“Your assessment and advice was impartial, plausible and wholly credible… we shall be forever grateful for your positive assistance”

“Thank you for your very thorough letter. Part of me feels as though a weight is beginning to be lifted”

“There is no doubt that it is very distressing to suspect that something may have gone wrong with the medical treatment that you or a loved one has received. The law is complex and can be overwhelming. The AvMA helpline is a real guiding hand and, as a volunteer, I seek to provide clear and tailored telephone advice to callers about possible avenues for redress.”
Eurydice, AvMA Helpline Volunteer

“Being the victim of a medical accident can leave people feeling overwhelmed and confused. AvMA helps those people understand their options so that they can make an informed decision about what to do next.”
Rebecca, AvMA Helpline Volunteer