What people say about AvMA

“How wonderful it was to speak to somebody who was calm, treated me with respect and gave me fantastic advice about how to now move forward, it’s been invaluable”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed letter. After months and lots of researching on my own I am so glad to have found AvMA. I was at a point I didn’t know where to turn so thank you for all the great and detailed advice you gave me.”

“You’ve been so professional and very helpful and at such a difficult time, you really have made things that bit easier for us as a family”

“All the help and support you have given me has been absolutely invaluable, right from when I first rang you and could hardly even speak about what had happened I was so distressed. Your support and advice has made a very real difference to the recovery process”

“I don’t know what we would have done without AvMA – terrifying being totally clueless and desperate for answers – their help was quite simply invaluable”

“I would just like to say how thankful I am for your help and advice. It has been invaluable at a very difficult time and it has made the inquest process much clearer to me than I was before. Thank you so much for this.”

“It gave me much more insight to information than anyone else has ever done and for that I thank you very much”

“If it were not for AvMA’s goodwill, I might never have found out what happened to my dad”

@AvMAuk thank you… Your team of advisers and agents are so supportive #feelheard”

“One of the things that was most helpful was the way in which I was listened to without interruption so I feel that I was heard in everything that I was saying and ultimately being properly advised”

“Your assessment and advice was impartial, plausible and wholly credible… we shall be forever grateful for your positive assistance”

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