The loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult things you have to deal with and this experience can be made even worse if you are faced with an inquest to investigate the cause of death.

How AvMA can help

Our self-help guides provide clear and straightforward explanations of some of the processes often used by people investigating a claim. The following links will take you to the guides.

AvMA’s inquest leaflet: Provides essential information on a range of issues from what an inquest is, the process itself as well as some frequently asked questions.

The following guides might also be helpful:

AvMA helped me to face a really difficult process with such respect

AvMA can provide advice, support and assistance by phone and in writing. We may be able to signpost you to other organisations which can help either with getting representation at inquest or by offering bereavement support.

AvMA’s pro bono inquest service

If you would like help with a forthcoming inquest, then please read our criteria for accessing AvMA inquest services and then, if appropriate, complete the inquest new client form.

Useful information on how inquests are conducted

The Chief Coroner, is responsible for giving the coronial system and the inquest process leadership and direction to help guide and manage the way those investigations (inquests) are carried out. In encourage coroners across the country to provide a consistent service to the public, the Chief Coroner issues guidance notes which can be found here.

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