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Is the Government trying to bury bad news?

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, September 2020

Is the Government oblivious to the avoidable harm caused to non-COVID patients as a result of disruption to health services during the pandemic? Or worse, is it trying to bury bad news?

Urgent action required to prevent avoidable harm and deaths amongst non COVID-19 patients

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, June 2020

The Government must urgently open up services for non-COVID patients or risk avoidable harm to thousands

Saving lives threatened by COVID19 is rightly a priority, but many more can be saved by improving patient safety

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, April 2020

AvMA’s Chief Executive shares some thoughts about what the COVID19 outbreak could mean for patient safety

When will we see a genuine step-change in patient safety?

By Simon Elliman, Royds Withy King, November 2019

When the Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the Care Quality Commission says there has been “little progress” in patient safety over the past 20 years, can anything be done which will make a real difference?

Clinical Negligence: Human cost of avoidable NHS errors outweighs financial cost

Reflecting on the human cost of medical negligence

by Potter Rees Dolan Solicitors, October 2019

A fresh approach to patient safety?

What AvMA is hoping for from the imminent new patient safety strategy for England from NHS Improvement.

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, June 2019

Mediating clinical claims: a mediator’s eye view

Tony Allen explains the added value that the mediation process can unexpectedly offer in clinical negligence claims.

by Tony Allen, Allen Mediates, May 2019

Cutting compensation for those maimed by the NHS would be ‘hideously unfair’

Without legal challenges the NHS would continue in the belief it had done nothing seriously wrong, and opportunities for learning and future prevention would be lost.

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, February 2018

What kind of workplace culture do we want?

How understanding the efficiency thoroughness trade-off can help to improve patient safety

By Dame Professor Donna Kinnair, Director of Nursing Policy and Practice at the Royal College of Nursing, August 2017

Two reports challenging failings in the current health safety management system

Two important reports have wide implications, showing how slow the learning is and related failure by oversight bodies

By Richard von Abendorff, Patient Safety Campaigner, September 2016

Better regulation is needed for duty of candour to fulfil its potential

AvMA’s report on how the CQC has so far regulated the duty of candour makes mostly for depressing reading

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, August 2016

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch: Glass half full or half empty?

We welcome the creation of the new body but raise some concerns

by Peter Walsh, AvMA Chief Executive, June 2016

Is criminal prosecution of doctors harming patient safety?

A look at the rising number of prosecutions of healthcare professionals

by Barbara Ross, AvMA trustee, former professional nurse and a member of NHS England’s primary care patient safety group, May 2016

The current legal duty of candour

The continuing campaign for ‘Robbie’s Law’

by Will Powell, Robbie’s Law Trust, April 2016

Recognising ‘what good looks like’

Thoughts on the implications of the Mazars Report into Southern Health

by Suzanne Shale, chair of AvMA, January 2016

Why does it always have to be such a battle?

Why AvMA had to threaten a judicial review to correct serious flaws in the Duty of Candour

by Peter Walsh, chief executive of AvMA, September 2015