Feedback and complaints

Feedback about our service

We really welcome your feedback about our services and other work including suggestions on how we could improve. To feedback on one of our services, please email us or call 0208 688 9555 and ask for someone to call you back.

NOTE: This email is for feedback on AvMA only and is not constantly monitored. If you need help or advice, please call our helpline or complete a new client form.

Listen, understand, act

Thank you for taking the time to feedback to us on all our services, whether that’s the helpline, written advice and information or our pro bono inquest service. We do read your comments carefully and where possible respond with changes which we hope will improve access to our advice and information services and the overall experience of all of our beneficiaries Here are just some of the changes we have made in response to your concerns:

  • Confusion over the cost of premium rate mobile calls prompted us to improve our existing message by making it clearer that there are cheaper ways of contacting our helpline. See more details on call charges here
  • We have added the option of a helpline call via Zoom for deaf callers who prefer to communicate using lip reading and strive to allow all our beneficiaries to contact us using their preferred method of communication
  • We are members of Language Line, a UK language agency, which allows callers to discuss their case with us in their language of choice
  • We have produced a new guide on how to approach a lawyer for the first time which will enable more people to successfully find solicitors to take on their case
  • We have recruited and trained additional helpline volunteers to help with demand and make it more likely that callers will get through to an adviser on their first attempt
  • We have changed the ‘Title’ option on our client form from a drop-down box with a limited range of options, to a free-text box so people can enter their preferred choice of title

Complaints about AvMA

We value your feedback. If you are unhappy with our work, please get in touch. If you wish, please speak to the staff member concerned or their manager first to see if the matter can be resolved informally. Alternatively please contact us with details of your complaint. We promise we will investigate and respond as fully as we can and take action where needed.

See our leaflet: Raising a concern or making a complaint about AvMA

Our complaints and concerns policy and procedure can be found here

You can write in with your complaint to our postal address or email us. If you need help or would prefer to speak to someone about your complaint you can phone us on 0208 688 9555 and we will get back to you.

NOTE: This email is for complaints about AvMA only and is not constantly monitored. If you need help or advice on complaining about your healthcare provider, please call our helpline or complete a new client form.