AvMA comment on Cumberlege report on Medicines and Devices

Published: 8 Jul 2020

AvMA welcomes the Cumberlege report on Medicines and Devices published today. The report contains a range of recommendations for improving the regulation of medicines and devices and recounts the struggle women and families affected by drugs like Primodos, sodium valporate and devices such as mesh implants have had to get their concerns taken seriously and acted upon. There is also a recommendation for a post of Patient Safety Commissioner within government to oversee these issues. AvMA provided evidence to the independent review.

AvMA chief executive Peter Walsh said: “We welcome the recommendations and pay tribute to the women and families who hard to fight so hard to get their voices heard and the avoidable harm recognised. That should not be allowed to happen again. We particularly like the recommendation of a patient Safety Commissioner, but would like that to be more wide ranging, covering patient safety as a whole.”