Saving lives threatened by COVID19 is rightly a priority, but many more can be saved by improving patient safety

Published: 8 Apr 2020

In his new blog, AvMA Chief Executive Peter Walsh shares some thoughts about what the COVID19 outbreak could mean for patient safety.

He writes: “On behalf of all of us at AvMA, I would like to state our best wishes and solidarity with all those who have lost loved ones or been seriously affected by COVID19, as well as with the amazing army of health and social care staff and other public servants and volunteers helping us cope with this crisis. I am also proud to say that because of the commitment of our volunteers and staff, we have been able to maintain most of our advice and support services for people who have been affected by avoidable harm in healthcare during the crisis. Another way we are trying to do play our part is by offering to grant leave of absence to some of the health professionals in our employ to go back to the NHS during the crisis.

“In these extraordinary times when the pandemic is in the headlines every single day, it is easy to forget that small charities like AvMA continue to do a vital job supporting vulnerable people. That need does not go away because of the pandemic. Indeed it is likely to increase. However, we like many other charities are taking a massive financial hit as a result of the pandemic. We will need all of the support we can get, and we ourselves will need to be even more creative and entrepreneurial in order to sustain and develop the support we provide and the role we play in championing patient safety and justice.”

Read his blog in full here