Take part in research on harm within healthcare

Have you been harmed by the way an organisation has responded to an initial failure in patient safety? Known is “second harm”, this is harm that happens as a result of the manner in which a healthcare provider, professional or organisation responded to errors, neglect or mismanagement of care.

AvMA Trustee Linda Kenward, a doctoral student at the University of Derby, is conducting research on second harm within healthcare and is seeking participants for the research.

If you have had an experience of second harm and would like to participate, you could contribute to a greater understanding of how counsellors might help individuals recover.

Participation involves an online activity in which you sort a number of statements by their importance to you. This activity can take up to an hour but is done in your own home. There will also be a short telephone interview to ask you about the experience of undertaking the activity.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the research, please click here to contact Linda directly.