Farrah Pradhan

Farrah began her advocacy journey after a traumatic experience, when her son was born three months premature. Navigating the uncertainty and challenges of having a sick baby on a neonatal unit led her to support and advocate for other families.

Farrah has a very strong commitment to ensuring the patient voice and user experience is integral to improving health outcomes and safer services for members of the public. This is evident in her work history in influencing the work of healthcare organisations to improve and maintain safe, effective, equitable and integrated care for members of the public. She successfully uses her advocacy skills to influence patient and public involvement in developing health policy, research and clinical guidance.

As her career has progressed and having been exposed to safety concerns in the delivery of healthcare, she has broadened her knowledge in patient safety, safety management and improvement initiatives. Having completed a Masters qualification in Patient Safety (Imperial College London, 2021) Farrah’s areas of interest are the principles of safety-II (learning from what goes well in healthcare), maternity safety and resilience engineering.

Farrah has also recently attained the NHS Leadership Academy Award for the Rosalind Franklin Programme in Senior Healthcare Leadership. Farrah currently works as the Head of Safety at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.