Mike Andersson

Mike Andersson

Mike Andersson is a healthcare informatics and information governance specialist. He has extensive experience as a consultant (principally on national projects), board-level director in the NHS and interim.

Though he has spent much of his career as a strategic consultant and policy developer, Mike has considerable experience of working in the NHS including five years as IT director in a specialist hospital trust. He started his career in the IT department of a major teaching hospital and eventually headed the IT service there for several years before moving into consultancy.

In addition to a wide range of hospitals Mike has experience of working for many other health-related organisations including several central NHS IT bodies, government departments and system suppliers to the NHS as well as regulatory, professional and standards bodies. He has also been heavily involved in technical and professional standards for many years.

Digital technology is being used more and more in healthcare and, when suitably deployed, it can help to significantly improve many aspects of healthcare including patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction as well as staff experience not to mention service efficiency and cost effectiveness.

However, along with potential benefits, patient safety and cybersecurity risks can arise. Mike has an extensive track record of working to minimise these risks and supporting AvMA is a natural extension of this commitment.

Mike has qualifications in physics and computer science from Cambridge University. He is based in London.