Ruth’s story

I want to say how grateful I am to fabulous charity Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA), which relies on the goodwill of volunteers with legal backgrounds to staff their helpline.

My medical injury is mesh-related; it has caused devastating damage to my body and health. When I realised there was a real problem, I contacted a solicitor, I was with them for three months or so when, without proper explanation, the solicitor dropped my case. I then found another firm that took my case, but horrifyingly, after some time and without warning, they were closed down by the SRA.

I was left without hope. I was devastated and went between crying to anger and dejection, but then another lady with similar mesh injuries told me about AvMA.

I sent AvMA an email, and they contacted me immediately. They were so very friendly and helpful. They put me in touch with several of their own AvMA Accredited clinical negligence specialist Solicitors who have expertise and experience in dealing with Mesh cases.

I had really wanted a female solicitor as I felt I would be more comfortable discussing my mesh injuries with a woman, my previous solicitors had been men, and I personally felt that a woman would be more likely to understand and empathise with the intimate details of the effects of my treatment.

I really wish I had known the importance of seeking out a specialist clinical negligence lawyer when I first started on this journey. The AvMA Accredited Panel Solicitor I have gone with is great, and I couldn’t wish for better.

Without the free help, information, and guidance of AvMA, I would not have known where to go or who could help me. I feel so blessed to have found them and everything is now moving forward.