Specialist clinical negligence solicitors


As with any other source of professional help, we believe it is better to use a solicitor who is independently accredited as a specialist in her/his field.

That is why we set up and administer our Specialist Panel of Clinical Negligence Solicitors. We look for qualities like integrity, empathy with clients who have suffered clinical negligence and with the aims of AvMA, as well as a very high standard of knowledge and experience of clinical negligence in the solicitors who we accredit.

We strongly advise anyone seeking representation in a clinical negligence case to choose a solicitor who has been accredited to our panel.

As a consequence of recent legal reforms, there are now many more non-specialist solicitors and ‘claims farmers’ trying to attract would-be clinical negligence claimants. Some misleadingly claim to be ‘specialist’. The best way to satisfy yourself that you are dealing with the right solicitor is to check whether they are represented on the AvMA specialist clinical negligence solicitor panel.

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