Request for Experts

It is often said that the success or failure of a clinical negligence claim is determined by the quality of the medical expert/s and the evidence they give.

AvMA maintains the most comprehensive database of some of the best and most experienced medical experts in the field of clinical negligence litigation. Experts do not pay to go on our database but they are vetted by our experienced staff.  The service is for Claimant Solicitors and Barristers and is staffed by our team of experienced lawyers and medical professionals, who can help you identify the right expert for the case.

To request expert details, it will be necessary to register on the new AvMA portal with your work email address.  You will need to Sign In to create an account.   You will find the link to do this HERE.

Once you have gained access to the portal:-

  1. First, can you go to the “Your Details” section and update/check your contact details are correct.
  1. You can access the “New Medical Expert Requests” form at any time from the portal.

This form is largely based on the one currently in use apart from some new mandatory fields such as your file reference number.

Please be advised that on moving to the new system, we will have limited access to former expert requests and so please provide as much detail as possible especially if experts have been provided on previous occasions. If the previous AvMA request reference number is known, it would be extremely helpful if this was included on the new form.


If you are experiencing difficulties receiving a link to verify your password or reset a password, it may be that the email has gone into your spam folder.  Please check this.  Please also check with your  IT department that they are not being blocked and please ask your IT department to save the following emails as safe senders:   (regarding the portal)  (Lawyers Service Emails sent from here)

For any queries, please contact

We will provide you with a response within a maximum of 7 working days although in practice our response is generally within 48 hours.

If you require any assistance in relation to an expert request please email 

We are constantly updating our database and investigating new experts to cover all specialities, so if you have any recommendations please email the team on


AvMA’s Expert Protocol

We would also advise our members to review our updated Expert Protocol FINAL 25.10.22 which outlines our service and the expectations of our members and medical experts.

In particular this protocol highlights that AvMA does not act as an agent for experts and lawyers and that AvMA is not responsible for any problems that arise as a result of any terms of business the lawyer and expert have entered into.