Mission, vision and values

Our mission

AvMA’s continuing core mission is the development of better patient safety and justice for people affected by medical accidents

Intrinsic to the pursuit of this mission are three key aims:

  • The provision of high quality, specialist advice, information and support to people affected by medical accidents
  • The promotion of good practice in responding to medical accidents so as to meet the needs of the people affected; improve patient safety and allow access to justice
  • Developing policy and bringing about change in the interests of patient safety and justice for everyone affected by medical accidents

Our vision

AvMA wants to see a world where avoidable harm in healthcare is reduced to an absolute minimum and, if a medical accident does occur, patients and their families are dealt with honestly, fairly and get appropriate support.

As an organisation AvMA strives to:

  •  Be recognised as the leading patients’ charity dealing with patient safety and access to justice in medical disputes, drawing on our vast experience of working with people affected by medical accidents
  •  Be a centre of excellence in advising and supporting people affected by medical accidents, drawing on our unique blend of in-house clinical and legal knowledge and expertise
  •  Promote awareness and best practice in medico-legal, medico-ethical and patient safety issues through high quality conferences and training
  •  Work in partnership with health professionals, fellow patients’ groups, government departments and lawyers to improve patient safety and justice

Our values

AvMA strives to be:

  • Caring, passionate and professional
  • Open, sincere and an organisation of integrity
  • Supportive of diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity in every aspect of our work
  • Appreciative of the commitment and qualities of all our staff, volunteers and trustees, and to supporting and developing them
  • Supportive of and working in partnership with all healthcare staff who share our commitment to patient safety and fairness
  • A friendly and enjoyable place to work