Our vision, mission and values


People who suffer avoidable medical harm get the support and outcomes they need.


We champion the needs of people adversely impacted by avoidable medical harm. We do this by supporting and empowering them to secure the outcomes they need, including healing for any related physical or psychological harm(s). We use what we learn from the people we support, alongside our expertise, to seek improvements to medico-legal practices through system learning and change.


Our behaviours will be driven by:


We are honest and act in accordance with our values. We conduct ourselves in an open and professional way and form our views independently, recognising our primary role is to assist those who have been avoidably medically harmed.


We advocate for and stand alongside people affected by avoidable medical harm while always recognising that in every complaint and dispute, there are two sides that need to be considered. We are objective and keep ourselves free from outside influences.


We treat all people fairly and with dignity. We do not shy away from speaking up where we see injustices.


We work with those we support, campaign groups and charities, healthcare professionals, government, lawyers and dispute-resolution bodies to bring about change and improvements for patients who have been avoidably harmed. We are proactive in trying to reach organisations and groups that support under-represented and marginalised communities that may require our dedicated expertise.

Empathy and compassion

We work with people who have been avoidably harmed and their families, listening and making sure we do all we can to understand the harm they have suffered and its impacts, and support them in achieving the outcomes they are needing.