AvMA’s 2024-29 year strategic plan

Like most people, we are passionately committed to the NHS and the values that underpin it. We want it to be the best service it can be and with a just culture to match. And when it is not the best, we will not shy away from saying so and campaigning for improvements as we know that the people we support expect us to do that on their behalf. This extends to private healthcare which also serves people we support and assist.

Our vision for what we want to see is a simple one: People who suffer avoidable medical harm get the support and the outcomes they need. This vision is underpinned by four objectives. Between them, we believe, will transform trust in the NHS and healthcare generally and significantly cut the cost – financial and human – which is incurred annually in settling legal claims as well as dealing with the human costs associated with traumatic medical injuries and death. Our four key objectives are:

  1. To expand the range of communities we serve and so enabling more people experiencing avoidable harm to access services from us that meet their needs
  2. To empower more people to secure the outcomes they need following an incident of medical harm, whilst providing caring and compassionate support
  3. To eliminate compounded harm following avoidable medical harm
  4. To have the necessary diversity of sustainable resources and capacities to deliver

We can’t do it alone

However, we cannot deliver this strategy without the support of everyone. This includes those who can financially support us in our endeavours as the cost of delivering this strategy exceeds our current resources. It will require additional funding if we are to deliver for the people of the UK an NHS that offers a world class record in patient safety and thus minimises medical accidents and takes appropriate action where and when they arise.