Our Impact

Last year, we gave information, support and advice to thousands of people adversely impacted by avoidable medical harm.

Read our impact report below:


We champion the needs of people adversely impacted by avoidable medical harm. We do this by supporting and empowering them to secure the outcomes they need, including healing for any related physical or psychological harm(s). We use what we learn from the people we support, alongside our expertise, to seek improvements to medico-legal practices through system learning and change.

Find out more about our vision and five-year strategic plan.

Join us on a journey to transform trust in healthcare and enhance it overall by significantly reducing the financial and human costs resulting from unsafe practices. We rely on the generous support and help of everyone connected and dedicated to patient safety and justice.

Your contributions are crucial. Here is how you can help:

•    Donate. Your financial support directly funds initiatives that enhance patient safety and promote justice.

•    Spread the word. Share our goals with your community to broaden our impact.

•    Advocate. Speak up for our cause and help amplify the voices that need to be heard.

By supporting us you join a movement committed to safety, fairness and dignity. Together, we can ensure that the healthcare system works safely and fairly for everyone, and people who suffer avoidable medical harm get the support and the outcomes they need. Let’s make every voice count.

If you want to discuss how you or your organisation can support our work, we’d love to hear from you; please email Paula Santos, our Communications and Fundraising Officer.