Jayne completes the Mourne Wall Walk and raises £1,470 to support AvMA’s patient safety work

Jayne and her friends on the walk

The Mourne Wall Walk in Northern Ireland is not for the fainthearted. Covering 22 miles and taking in seven mountains, this gruelling hike takes around 15 hours to complete. But Jayne Doran did not allow that the hold her back.

In November last year, her dad Denny passed away from a massive heart attack. Seven weeks before he died he sought medical help for chest pain and was sent home. Feeling belittled and dismissed, he never sought help again. After Denny’s death Jayne contacted AvMA for advice. We were able to give her sympathetic support and directed her to a solicitor who could provide expert legal advice in Northern Ireland.

In her dad’s youth he completed the Mourne Wall Walk. To thank AvMA for our support and to help families who have found themselves in similar situations, Jayne and a group of friends set out in her dad’s footsteps this July.

“We are delighted to have completed it!” says Jayne “But my feet are still suffering.”

“The walk lasted for around 15 hours – we began at 7:00am and finished up at 11.30pm. With no flash lights and completely exhausted its safe to say I freaked out when it got dark.

“It was gruelling but we wanted to do something in memory of my dad so it seemed fitting. We got a beautiful day for it and I’m sure the sunny weather was his doing.

Denny on the Mourne Wall Walk

“We aimed to raise £500 and have wound up with £1,470 – truly blown away.”

If you would like to support Jayne’s incredible achievement, please click here to visit her fundraising page.