The Judith Freedman legacy

You may have wondered why AvMA’s office building is called “Freedman House”. It is because of the wonderful thoughtfulness and generosity of one of AvMA’s past clients – Judith Freedman – who made AvMA the chief beneficiary¬†in her will. It is this that enabled AvMA to invest in its own building, providing the charity with some much needed security.

Ironically, AvMA did relatively little to help Judith compared with many of our clients. A couple of letters giving advice about obtaining medical opinions was all that we could find in her file. However, she was so impressed that a charity like AvMA existed, independently supporting and speaking up for injured patients and working for better patient safety, that she chose AvMA above all other good causes.

No doubt she was also aware of how hard it is for a small specialist charity like AvMA to raise charitable funds.

Judith’s thoughtfulness and generosity have made a dramatic difference to AvMA’s ability to take its vital work forward and the trustees and staff are committed to acknowledging her for as long as AvMA continues.