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  • Black maternal mortality disparities: 50 years on and we are still “counting” 

    April 24, 2023 | Blog

    I turned to the Annex of the Report, which sets out a comprehensive timeline on maternal health disparities. This shows that from as early as 1970-72, information about mothers’ countries of birth was included in the National systems into Maternal Deaths and that it was known that mothers born in what was then called the ‘New Commonwealth’ showed much higher mortality rates than mothers born in the UK. So, to be clear, this issue was first known about 50 years ago. And yet here we still are talking about strategies and plans to rectify this health inequality. So, what else is going on here?

  • Optimism was in the wind at the AvMA Conference in Bournemouth

    March 29, 2023 | Blog

    I opened the Conference by talking about some the challenges – as well as the opportunities – that I see across the patient safety and access to justice terrain. I talked about the real challenges and pressures the NHS is under, which are unprecedented in modern times. Combined with evidence that suggests that health inequalities are worsening post-COVID, it is hard to see how the drive for incremental patient safety improvements can hold. But I also pointed to the opportunities. I have been really encouraged and impressed by the people and organisations I have met who are so determined and passionate about continuing to drive positive change and better patient safety outcomes.  

  • Meet the #ACNC2023 AvMA Staff Team

    February 24, 2023

    Meet the staff team present at the #ACNC2023 in Bournemouth next month.

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