Carolyn Cleveland

Carolyn Cleveland

About me

I have a background in psychology and counselling specialising in loss and vulnerability, and conceived my company C&C Empathy Training from this and my personal experience of patient safety, poor communications, the NHS complaints and subsequent inquest processes.

I experienced the loss of a child in a hospital setting which I felt needed to be challenged and found many of the systems did not grasp my emotional experience, motivations, and needs following this tragic loss, causing further unnecessary psychological harm.

Through training and development work, I humanise systems to support staff in a friendly and supportive learning environment, to gain skills and confidence to support those that they are interacting with, as well as themselves and colleagues. I have worked with multiple health care organisations, HSIB, NHS Resolution and NHS England, as well as solicitors and corporate organisations. I also collaborate with AvMA.

What I offer

  • Training: half or full day training to empower healthcare and legal organisations and professionals to develop their empathy, emotional awareness and a compassionate culture.
  • Talks or presentations


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