Tom Bell

About me

My name is Tom Bell. I am an ethics consultant and founder of HIPSS, Honesty & Integrity in Public Sector Services, and author of Lions, Liars, Donkeys and Penguins – The Killing of Alison, a book about the events surrounding the suicide of my sister in the care of the NHS.

I have a unique blend of personal and management experience, organizational knowledge and a profound understanding of Public Sector services. I have witnessed the challenges facing Public Sector services from all angles. I aim to help public sector organisations reduce harm, save money and retain staff by developing trusting cultures in which honesty & integrity are expected and displayed at all levels. This will save lives and create more compassionate trusting and engaged workplaces, making services more effective and efficient by ensuring scarce resources are used to best effect.

I self-published a book in May 2020 about the events and abuse that led to the suicide of my sister Alison in 1991; Contributed to the publication of 2020 report by “When Things go Wrong”; Contributed to the 2019 NHS England Kark review into standards for NHS Directors; Was hounded out of a career in the NHS in 2017 for speaking truth to power and standing up for patients and staff. I wear this experience like a badge of honour and see it as a positive indicator of my character. I am proud to list it as an achievement.

What I offer

Talks, training and consultancy about Ethical Fading & Wilful-Blindness, how they come about and their impact on all stakeholders. My personal experiences and professional qualifications have given me an unrivalled understanding of the role of ethical fading and wilful blindness in creating insular cultures, and the resulting human and financial costs. I use the scars I have acquired and knowledge I have attained as a force for positive change. I approach this sensitive topic with lived experience, genuine empathy and compassion.

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